Microsoft Surface Book – Still no Fix for Sleep of Death

Even though the Microsoft Surface Book is one of the most popular pieces of technology to-date (and for good reason), there are still some flaws that are not yet fixed even at the time of writing. Known to many as the “Sleep of Death,” it is a known bug for the device and it will activate when the machine goes to sleep for a few hours (or more). When it does, then chances are it’s not going to wake up, well, at least not the same way that it went under.

Microsoft Surface Book - Still no Fix for Sleep of Death

Recent Updates for the Microsoft Surface Book Still Has no Fix for Sleep of Death

Even though the Microsoft Surface Book has a quick rise to fame as it is hailed as one of the most innovative and useful systems to-date, it does make one wonder why there hasn’t been a fix for certain issues that have been there since day 1. The “Sleep of Death” bug will most probably happen when the laptop is “asleep” overnight as it will result in unexpected system crashes.

According to reviews from many users, especially those who had the unfortunate scenario take place, waking up to a workday usually involves trying to bring the Surface Book back to life from an annoying full shutdown. Furthermore, this bug does not take place overnight only as there are some reports from users that the laptop can go to a full shutdown, even when under Sleep Mode, after a few meetings, or when under a long flight.

Like another one of Microsoft’s infamous problems for their software, the Blue Screen of Death, the “Sleep of Death” has made a name for itself because of the popularity of the bug. Furthermore, it is a major turn-off for Surface users.

If you want to know how many people are reacting towards the known issue, do a quick search in Reddit and place in the keywords “sleep of death Surface.” There are a lot of relevant threads concerning the topic. What’s even more worrying is that typing the same string of words into Microsoft’s own support forums will yield over 75,000 results.

It does not take you to learn rocket science to know what Sleep of Death stands for the Microsoft Surface Book. Simply put, when you put the hybrid device into Sleep Mode, chances are it will go into a full shutdown instead. Therefore, when you press the power button once more, instead of bringing back all your opened apps before, it will start with a fresh new session.


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