McDonald’s – Entering the VR Trend With a Happy Meal box

There are many companies that are already entering the virtual reality market but the most surprising one yet has recently joined in on the fray – McDonald’s. This is for those who wanted more out of their Happy Meal boxes then the fast food chain is finally delivering. The company’s newest design choice for the Happy Meal box will fold into a VR headset. Could this spell competition for the Google Cardboard?

McDonald's - Entering the VR Trend With a Happy Meal box

Make More Out of Your McDonald’s Happy Meal by Turning the Box Into a VR Headset

McDonald’s has recently unveiled the newest design of their very own Happy Meal box and this time around it doubles up as a virtual reality headset. Upon first glance, the box will look like a regular Happy Meal box. However, do some quick pulls, folds, and place in a smartphone, and this toy and french-fry carrying box will turn into a pair of ultra low-cost virtual reality viewers. This is even very reminiscent to the Google Cardboard.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal box/VR goggles also come with another unlikely Happy Meal toy – a VR game that you can download. This game is designed for children to tell them about safeties with regards to skiing in an immersive, virtual reality experience. Why skiing you might ask? It is because the VR boxes make their primary debut in Sweden.

The company states that their focus with regards to this project is with Sweden and they hope to able to roll “Happy Goggles” in other countries soon. This experiment will but the worldwide restaurant chain right smack dab in the middle of a growing tech race for the most reasonably priced VR headset.

Ever since the virtual reality race has arrived in tech conferences, there have been many companies that are trying to get into the growing competition. Oculus Rift, HTC, LG, and Sony are amongst the many that are already in said competition. However, the aforementioned companies vie for the top-end of the markets and there are not really many who are known to target the lower-end portions.

Despite having a vastly different focus, particularly that of food, McDonald’s now plays a role in the affordably-priced VR headset race. When it comes to the restaurant’s hardware for their very own VR headset, it does come out lacking and it might not even lift a candle to that of Google Cardboard. Nonetheless, it is a design that relies the user in having a smartphone and you would not immediately knock it out of the race entirely at the drop of a hat.


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