Kirby – Returning to 3DS in a Robot

While there are many Nintendo characters gracing their very own titles for the 3DS, Kirby is back but things are different this time as he returns piloting his own robot, or rather his own Robobot. Planet Robobot was just announced during the recently held Nintendo Direct and it is a new title to the 2D platformer. It has a similar style of gameplay that many fans know of for so many years. But this time around, you also get to control the little pink fluff’s very own pink mech.

Kirby - Returning to 3DS in a Robot

Kirby: Planet Robobot is Slate to be Released for the 3DS on June 10th of This Year

Kirby is known to be Nintendo’s biggest titles, and his games are often been seen to be quite easier than the likes of Mario or Zelda. Therefore, the appeal of the character, as well as the game itself, are getting drawn in by younger gamers but there are still plenty of elements to enjoy for much older fans. The entire series has already sold approximately 34 million games. Those who are going to start their pink fluffy adventure with Planet Robobot will be able to let the character ride his very own pink mech. It should also be noted that said robot can also copy enemy abilities, much likes the main character.

In previous titles, the pink fluffy character is seen to ride his animal friends. In Kirby: Planet Robobot, he rides his own robot. This, along with Team Kirby Clash, which is a four-player co-op mode within the game, brings new experiences to the franchise.

Another feature to grace the new game is it will have Amiibo support. For those who are new about Amiibo, it is a toy-line from Nintendo that brings toys to life, well, so to speak. It creates an initiative that allows players to receive benefits for the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii U by syncing their favorite Amiibo toys into the game of their choice (provided that the toy is compatible with the game). For example, should you have a Mario Amiibo, you would give the fluff fire powers. In contrast, should you have a Link Amiibo, you would give him a sword costume wherein he will wield his very own blade to defeat enemies.

Other Amiibo toys that are available to be used for the new Kirby title are Metaknight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. It is hinted during the recent Nintendo Direct that there are other Amiibo toys that are compatible for the game and gamers are advised to test out their owned models to see what kind of power will the pink fluff get.


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