Fallout 4 – Season-Pass Price Hike is on Top of Steam’s Best-Seller List

When a price hike has been seen for a particular gaming item, or even any certain item, it can be met with lesser sales because people would rather save the extra cash for something else, but that did not happen with Fallout 4 and its season-pass. All of the upcoming add-ons of this award-winning game that are found on the Steam digital-distribution platform has a raised price point. But instead of being met with disgust, it was met with urgency. Anyone who want to access this mega-hit of an open-world game as even though they are going to spend more, they know this is still going to be a “discount” for many gamers.

Fallout 4 - Season-Pass Price Hike is on Top of Steam's Best-Seller List

Fallout 4 Jacks Up Price for Season-Pass, Gets Major Sales

What Fallout 4 did for their season-pass is reminiscent to what Dying Light developer Techland did back in November. It shows that developers can make fans of their games to spend more by just making them feel that they have to act quickly lest they miss out on the whole deal.

Publisher Bethesda recently revealed three add-ons for the season-pass. The company says that there are even several more that are currently in development, which is already more than what they originally had in store. Therefore, they have used this information to justify the raise in the price of the game’s season-pass. Doing so can increase their average revenue per player. The publisher didn’t even have to wait before players started cramming for their credit cards and Steam wallets to get the season-pass as it has already been seen as one of the top 3 best sellers on Steam for the past two weeks (at the time of writing).

Before this even happened, the Fallout 4 Season-Pass is nowhere to be seen in the top 10 best seller list. This is not the first time that you would see such a phenomenon from a blockbuster game. Back in November of last year, developer Techland did the same thing for open-world survival game Dying Light. The company of the zombie game even made a deadline for fans to acquire the DLC with the original price before they would jack it up. Therefore, the sense of urgency rose immensely.

With what has happened with regards to the season pass for Fallout 4, it has been seen to become a major trend for developers and publishers of videogames to jack up certain prices, especially with regards to DLCs and season passes. Videogamers, at this point, are at the mercy of companies as they could do nothing but pay for the extra charges to get additional content for their favorite games.


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