Her Story Review – Master the Art of Discovery

When you play Her Story, you might even question if it’s a game at all. Here, you will be given a chance to focus on a particular task, unravel it, and fight to get to the finish line. While many games that will allow you to practice the art of discovery will only give you a “Hansel and Gretel” type of experience wherein a trail of breadcrumbs will eventually lead you straight down a linear path, in this particular game, you will have to stumble upon those crumbs by yourself. In doing so, it can blow your mind and will feel that the game is larger than what it really is.

Her Story Review - Master the Art of Discovery

Her Story Presents a Whole New World of Discovery

At its core, Her Story is a detective game of sorts. Your screen will then turn into a display monitor that is reminiscent from a 90’s CRT computer screen. You will then have access to a slew of archived surveillance footage. All of which are shot during the investigation of a potential murder.

In this particular investigation, a woman is brought in and questioned by the police for a total number of seven times. You will then type keywords into the search bar (while still remaining very reminiscent of that of the 90s), and it will efficiently dish out a handful of videos that are all linked to some way to the term you just keyed in.

Those years that you’ve been searching through pages on Google can be made of much use in Her Story (PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone). For every footage that you scan through, you will listen to fractured parts of what is a deep and curious story. You will then have to open up your ears and pay attention to detail as to what is being said on the videos. For each failure, it present you with a blank screen, which can very well pay much significance to your blank stare on your device’s screen as to what could be going on.

However, each success will let you tumble deeper into the game. Furthermore, each answered question will sprawl even further inquiries. With each branch, you will then have to dig deeper into the archives and use your Google intellect to search for the truth.

Her Story is an amazing experience that gives a whole new meaning to discovery and detective games. From the onset, it may not appeal to the most hardcore gamer, but once you dive into it and play around for a few minutes, those precious minutes might even turn into hours.


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