Misfit Shine 2 Review – One of the Best You Might Lose

The Misfit Shine 2 is more of a new proposition to its predecessor. It is now bigger, flatter, and now includes vibration alerts, phone notifications, and silent alarms. Within the device’s face, there are 12 LED lights that are now multicolored. These can flash in multiple hues. For example, it will light up with green when there is an incoming call. When it comes to activity tracking, this wearable tech can track sleep, steps, and more physical activities than that of the Misfit Shine. It is a great activity tracker but has one major flaw – you might lose it.

Misfit Shine 2 Review - One of the Best You Might Lose

One Design Flaw Made the Misfit Shine 2 A Step Shy of Greatness

That design flaw is in the form of the plastic clip included with the Misfit Shine 2. While it does keep the device nice and cozy, overall, it feels very flimsy. Other people who like extreme sports may even find their plastic clips getting broken during their high-action activities. Therefore, even though the Shine 2 offers a good array of features, there will be those that might not get to experience them all as they might lose the device’s face because of this weak clip.

But if you do manage to get the clip to hold on to its own (and for the device’s face), then you will get a nice array of features to enjoy. The 12 LEDs, which can also be found in the Misfit Shine, are still there but this time they can glow up to 16 million colors.

These LEDs still show the fitness progress in a circle, will blink out the time in hours and minutes, and will blink out in patterns for specific notifications. Incoming messages or phone calls will not be displayed on the tracker, but the lights will glow to tell you that you have such alerts. It will also buzz to let you know that you need to check your phone.

It is now easier to interact with the device thanks to its touch capacitive sensors. It is a gentle two-finger touch to check progress. Also, the Bluetooth range is now greater than its predecessor do syncing can happen at a moderate distance, not when you need to have your phone directly beside the activity tracker.

Even though the Misfit Shine 2 is a better piece of hardware than its predecessor, its clip alone makes this wearable tech one to pass up for now since you will always be on your guard if the device will fall from your wrist or not.


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