Leray Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter Reviews

Hoverboard self balance electric scooter is very popular nowadays, before you buy Leray Hoverboard Self Balance Electric Scooter please read the details of the product first. Most of the internet users buy online without reading properly the specs (short for specifications) of the product that they are about to buy.  Sometimes without proper information about the product it result disappointment to the person who buy and just wasting his/her time and money.  On this review we will give the detailed Leray Hoverboard Self Balance Electric Scooter Reviews and specifications for clearer understanding about the product.

Leray Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter Reviews

Leray Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter Reviews

With a market crowded with different manufacturer of hoverboard self balance electric scooter, sometimes it is very hard to decide on which brand you should buy. Most of the hoverboard users buy their product by just looking for the cheapest one and even disregard the quality which result to poor hoverboard scooter performance and sometimes the unit itself suddenly stopped or not working properly during the ride. Now that Leray Group enters into the arena of Hoverboard Self Balance Electric Scooter Sellers, they aim to give better quality hoverboard scooter product at reasonable price.  The Leray Hoverboard Self Balance Electric Scooter uses  three Gyroscopes and three Gravity Accelerators,which makes the Leray flexible and stable.  When it comes to turning, the smart hoverboard  is equipped with Turning support technology that gives precise and comfortable maneuverability. Battery is very important when deciding to buy an electric self balancing scooter and that could be one of the advantage of Leray Hoverboard compare to other competitors. When it comes with energy-saving, the Leray Hoverboard take advantage of every opportunity to save energy by recharging the battery when riding on a downhill. Like other scooters, it also has fast charging features that enables you to charge the device for only 60 – 150 minutes (some of it’s model claim to be less than 2 hour), it only took less than two hours and half for you to ride again and enjoy your scooter. The Leray hoverboard is powerful enough to take a  maximum load of 100kg. Talking about speed, this self balance scooter can accelerate at highest speed of 10/km per hour.

 Many hoverboards are being recalled for safety concerns. Even though this model is not on the list (at the time of this update), you should do your due diligence in checking before purchasing any hoverboard.

Update, October 2016: We have now found the safest Hoverboard model available in 2016, it’s called Powerboard by Hoverboard. We’ve reviewed it too. Go here to read about it.


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