The AFUNTA Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses Lets Users Enjoy an Immersive Viewing Experience

The AFUNTA Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses Lets Users Enjoy an Immersive Viewing Experience

The AFUNTA Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses allows users to be immersed into a great 3D viewing experience when used with their smartphones. The VR 3D video glasses will be compatible with many of today’s smartphones. Users can play games and watch movies with their mobile phones connected to this VR Headset for them to be immersed in a 3D realm. The 3D glasses also has an adjustable strap (for the headset to fit snuggly for different head sizes), and it also has an adjustable papillary distance (for people who have some sort of trouble with their eyesight).

The AFUNTA Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses Lets Users Immerse Into Their Favorite Games and Videos

The AFUNTA Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses has a number of features that everybody will love. For instance, it supports 3D side by side videos for a very immersive video viewing experience. Watching your favorite movies from these 3D video glasses lets users enjoy their videos more and let them feel that they are even a part of it.

The adjustable head strap is great as the AFUNTA VR 3D Video Glasses is not a “one-size-fits-all” device. Users can adjust the band according to their head size to make it fit comfortably on their heads. There is also the interpupillary distance that is also adjustable which is located on the 3D glasses. These are spherical resin lens to which, as the name of the feature suggests, will let users change the depth of the focal length of the lens for a better viewing experience. This feature is added to the device so that people who may have near or far sightedness adjust the lens so that there won’t be any trouble with regards to their viewing experience.

The headset is made out of sturdy ABS plastic and the lenses are also made with a durable resin material. Hence, the VR 3D glasses can stand a great level of “punishment.” It can also be used with most smartphones, especially those of the newer generation mobile phones. It is compatible with most 4 to 6 inch smartphones of today.

The AFUNTA Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses are compatible with most Android and iOS devices. The VR headset doesn’t even have to be tethered to any exterior hardware. It is due to the processors for the 3D experience is already located in most smartphones. Hence, users have freedom of movement while maintaining the great 3D viewing experience.





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