League of Legends – New Champion has a Half-Hour Worth of Recorded Dialogue

League of Legends just recently unveiled a new champion and it is a star-forging dragon that goes by the name of Aurelion Sol. Based on the trailers and ability exhibition videos, he can wield the power of the stars and also that of the universe. He is also the only champion in the entire game’s character roster that can fly over terrain and obstacles for a good amount of distance. Also, he has one of the lengthiest recorded dialogues that the game has on offer – a full half hour.

League of Legends - New Champion has a Half-Hour Worth of Recorded Dialogue

New League of Legends Champion Has a Lot of Things to Say

League of Legends is no stranger to lengthy recorded dialogues, especially as there are some hidden ones like taunts that you can only pull off when you’re in front of a certain character. However, Aurelion Sol has a half-hour’s worth of recorded dialogue and that might be pushing it a little. Most games are no strangers to having this much dialogue, and some videogame genres even have more than half-an-hour’s worth (think RPGs). However, LoL is not an RPG or an Action/Adventure title as it is a multiplayer online battle arena and one with very little time to listen to what a champion says. However, part of his dialogue does legitimately say “boop,” which might make some fans trying to make Aurelion Sol say that.

The last champion brought about by League is that of Jhin, the Virtuoso, and the “slowest marksman” has a dialogue of over 20-minutes. People were already astounded by the sheer amount of dialogue he has, and now we have approximately 30-minutes worth for this star-forging dragon.

However, the length of the voiceover is largely responsible due to it including many quotes from different situations. These include encounters on the Rift, or even when scoring a pentakill. Furthermore, the dialogue also reflects his backstory, which is more colorful than most. After all, he was first conceived as Ao Shin back in 2013 in response to comments from players wanting a full dragon champion, and not just a character that can turn into one (sorry Shyvana).

Because of the technical difficulties that have been brought down upon the teams working on League of Legends, the dragon champion was continuously delayed (for 2 whole years, in fact). Nevertheless, Ao Shin is now reborn as the mighty Aurelion Sol and he is part of the Mount Targon lore rework. LoL players can try out the dragon champion on the PBE for testing purposes.


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