Ford – Designing a Movie Projector for Your Self-Driving Car

Ford, a Detroit car manufacturer, recently received a patent for an “autonomous vehicle entertainment system.” Simply put, it is an car-entertainment system for the self-driving vehicle. The patent’s title is pretty straightforward and so is its description. It combines a ceiling-mounted projector inside the car’s cabin along with a roll-down screen for the projector right in front of the windshield. You would most probably not care about what’s in front of vehicle anyway, even while on the road, as the car will do all of the driving.

Ford - Designing a Movie Projector for Your Self-Driving Car

Ford Receives a Patent for an Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System

Even though many would argue about the decision of Ford to create a self-driving car as it would ruin the whole romance of driving, the automaker still plans to go ahead with the project. However, there are those that like the idea of an autonomous vehicle since it will do away with those boring drives that seem to last forever. While the idea of having really long drives is still there, at least this time you can enjoy yourself with a movie while the car will drive you to your destination for you.

As far as the concept of self-driving cars go, it’s not terribly high-tech, well, when you’re vision of the future is something that was conceived by watching “Back to the Future.” If you’re expecting holograms or if the car can float above ground, then you might have to wait for a few more years (or even more). Nevertheless, the self-driving car project from Ford is what matters most here and it might even change the world of driving exponentially when it gets released.

Since this technology is now making its way from concept to reality, automakers all over the world are starting to ponder about the practicalities and the economics about creating a self-driving car. There are some questions that do pop up, such as can the car be controlled remotely? Or will it be smart enough to learn about the driver’s and the passenger’s daily routine? For answers to these questions, once again, all we can do right now is to wait.

Ford has announced that they are transitioning from being an auto company to an auto and a mobility firm as what Mark Fields, CEO, stated in CES back in January. The CEO even introduced new programs from the company that range from drones, apps, and of course, autonomous vehicles. The Detroit car manufacturer is planning to release a truly autonomous vehicle within five years.


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