League of Legends – Meet Aurelion Sol, the Star-Forging Dragon

Just a few weeks ago, there was a new champion teaser brought about by League of Legends that would put to rest the mystery that was Ao Shin. For those who don’t know about Ao Shin, it was a dragon champion the game teased a couple of years ago but that was sadly not meant to be. However, all is not lost as he was re-imagined into something else and his name is Aurelion Sol.

League of Legends - Meet Aurelion Sol, the Star-Forging Dragon

League of Legends Puts the Mystery Behind Ao Shin to Rest With Aurelion Sol

New champion of League of Legends, Aurelion Sol, brings the power of the stars and the universe to help him fight within the rift. His abilities range from controlling stars to even flying over obstacles above the map.

To start, there’s his passive ability called “Center of the Universe.” With it, there are three stars that constantly revolve around Aurelion Sol as he was the “center of the universe.” When these stars hit enemy champions, they deal magic damage and also apply spell effects to enemies they strike.

For the League of Legends champion’s Q ability, it is called Starsruge. With it, Aurelion Sol will fire the core of a newborn star in the direction that is targeted by the player. Doing so will deal damage and also stun nearby enemies. This can be cast once more once it travels beyond the stars’ maximum orbital range or upon reactivating the ability. The champion can also nurture the star to travel alongside it to deal more damage and create a wider stun area.

For his E ability, it is called Comet of Legend. It has an active and a passive ability. For the latter, the champion will build up increasing movement speed as he travels within the same direction, but loses movement speed once he takes sharp turns. Some of the speed is stored away as Escape Velocity stacks, but all of these will be lost once Aurelion Sol takes damage. As for the active portion, he can use this once Escape Velocity stacks are maxed out. He can then use those to take flight and traverse the terrains within the map for a long distance. However, he cannot turn once the course has been set.

For his ultimate, or his R ability, the League of Legends champion will shoot a long wave of starfire in the targeted direction. Those that get hit will get damage and be slowed. Nearby enemies that are caught in the blast are also knocked back to the outer ring of his passive ability. Looking at his abilities, what do you think about the new champion?


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