Latest Zeiss Milvus Lens Provides More Precise Images

Latest Zeiss Milvus Lens Provides More Precise Images

The latest on the lineup of new lenses brings us the Zeiss Milvus which focuses on high-resolution DSLRs. But this is not just a lens, as these are lenses. That’s right, the Milvus is a whole new line of new lenses. The first in the batch is 6 lenses with all new optical formulas. These are all designed for future-proofing the market for lenses against the increase in sensor resolutions. The lenses also claim to support higher dynamic ranges for improved contrasts on photos. This is good news for photographers who are into HDR photography.

Zeiss Milvus Lenses Provides Sharper Images With Better Contrast

As of the moment, the Zeiss Milvus line will only have the Nikon F-Mount (ZF) and Canon EF-(ZE) mount versions, for now. It may be that Zeiss will be planning to add an FE-mount to the list soon but this is all speculation. It could even be that the company will produce a new line to have these mounts following the Loxia, Touit, and Batis.

As for the physical aspects, the new Milvus lenses pretty much look like the older models for Zeiss’ older lenses. They all have smooth metal bodies and are all well-damped with rubberized focusing rings. They also have the famous Zeiss’ T* coating as well as being dust and weather sealed.

As for the lenses themselves, they are the Milvus 2/35, the 2.8/21, the 1.4/50, the 1.4/85, the 2/50M, and the 2/100M. For those who do not quite understand what the numbers mean, it means that Aperture/Focal Length. All of the lenses in the Zeiss’ new line are prime lenses. Meaning, you cannot manually zoom with the lens. Photographers who want to “zoom” using these lenses will have to get closer to the subject with their feet.

Zeiss tells its customers that aside from the sharper images and better contrast that the photos will have when shot with the new lenses, an added feature is that the these pieces of fine glass placed in front of DSLRs will have better focusing speeds. In fact, the company tells that their Milvus 2/100M is currently the fastest 100mm macro lens that can be found in today’s market.  

Photographers who are looking to purchase one, or two, or perhaps even all of the Zeiss Milvus lenses can find more information on their website. Information on each  lens will also include a lens construction diagram, as well as individual pricing.


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