Will 4K Video on the iPhone 6S Leave Much of an Impact?

Will 4K Video on the iPhone 6S Leave Much of an Impact

There has been much talk about the latest addition to Apple’s smartphone line, which is the iPhone 6S, along with its giant cousin, the iPhone 6S Plus. The new phone now comes with a better imaging sensor that will allow mobile videographers to shoot 4K video. Many were astounded by this new feature, but many also decided to just look away as if this was nothing new.

Is 4K Video Recording on the iPhone 6S a Real Hype?

If you have watched a video that was recorded in 4K quality, maybe even with the new iPhone 6s, then it can astound viewers with its sharper images. Why is it called 4K in the first place? Simply put, 4k, also called Ultra HD or UHD, is 4 times the resolution as a video recorded with 1080p. That’s pretty awesome, right?

But what if you’re about to stream a 4K video, what does that entail? It can mean that it will require an enormous amount of bandwidth just to get all the details. Which can also mean that you may have to wait a while for the 4K video that you want to watch over the Internet just for it to load completely.

4K video cameras, and not just with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, have been on the market for quite some time. Taking a look at this, there are not a lot of people who would put this feature to good use since, again, it will take a great amount of bandwidth to download and upload over the Internet. Furthermore, you would also need a video player that can handle that massive level of quality. In other words, another expense as you need to watch it in 4K. However, in the eyes of an average consumer, UHD will still remain a spectacle to behold.

With Apple’s new addition to bring 4K to the new smartphone, many already see that it does have one great flaw and that is with the mobile device’s internal storage. Since the iPhone does not have an expandable memory slot and when you continuously shoot videos in 4K, that storage limit will soon be flashing at the screen pretty soon.

But could it also mean that the Apple iPhone 6S is preparing for the future? With all the new tech coming out that supports 4K video watching, it could also mean that the tech giant is getting ready for the wave of the future.


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