Last Horizon Review – Find a New Home

In Last Horizon, you are left alone in a barren wasteland of a planet that is no longer capable of sustaining life. Hence, it is your supreme mission to search for another home, while sapping resources from space rocks along the way, to ensure that you will always have the tools necessary to terraform your new home, wherever it may be.

Last Horizon Review - Find a New Home

Last Horizon Brings a Story of Surviving the Odds

Last Horizon is available for iOS devices and portrays a tale of having to survive when the odds are greatly against you. The game is split into four different adventures with little changes from one encounter to the next, except with difficulty. Furthermore, there is only a limited amount of fuel and oxygen on board your craft, that is until you decide on landing your spaceship on a terrain of your choosing.

The success of your endeavors will be achieved through a balance between deciding which planet to land on. Then, you will either have to stock up on supplies that were used during the course of your travels, or even meet some local inhabitants.

The trickiest part of Last Horizon (iOS) is that players will only have the rocket’s thrusters and the ability to turn the craft. The idea of controls here is to keep a steady pace as you use a planet’s gravity to properly aim the ground for you. When you land with too much pace or at the wrong angle, and you will find yourself sustaining significant damage on your craft, or destroy it completely. Hence, the line between landing safely to proceed further with your mission, or getting a tragedy-filled defeat is a thin one.

The problem with the game is that just about everything is buried too deep, and we’re not talking about the resources here. Pixeljam, the developer of the game, may have assumed that people will immediately get how to play the game. Tips and control tutorials will be shown as nothing more than slides that does little to explain how to maneuver the craft properly. Therefore, there is a good chunk of people who will download the game and will never get past its first encounter.

Last Horizon is difficult right at the onset. It lacks subtlety when it comes to giving out the game’s complexities that leave players in wonder, and may even ultimately lead to uninstalling the game from their device. Even though it does have promise and charm, in the end it will bring frustration rather than an exciting experience from what could have been an engaging game.


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