GamePad Digital GPD XD Review – A Nintendo 3DS Lookalike for Android Games

The GamePad Digital GPD XD is the latest addition to a long line of Android-based gaming emulation devices. At first glance you would think that it’s a direct clone of the Nintendo 3DS, but it’s not. This mobile gaming device is made to assist fans of retro games that are widely available in the Google Play market.


Get Your Retro Gaming Fix With the GamePad Digital GPD XD

The GamePad Digital GPD XD is powered by a quad-core Rockchip RK3288. It has a 5-inch, 720p resolution capacitive touchscreen display, and has the internals of a smartphone. However, instead of what you can normally find for the design found in a mobile phone, this device has full physical gaming controls. It has two analogue sticks, an 8-way directional pad, and a good number of buttons.

With this set of controls, the device is perfect for playing old-school games that were released back in the 80s and 90s. Furthermore, thanks to the reasonable power built into the device, it is more likely up to the challenge in emulating other games found in the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and even the first generation PlayStation (and other gaming console released prior to these).

The design is very similar to that of the Nintendo 3DS so you would immediately assume that this may be one of Nintendo’s newest offerings, but it’s not. When you open the lid, it will reveal one screen instead of two which you would normally find in Nintendo’s handheld gaming console. The touchscreen has a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels which boasts amazing color replication, very decent brightness, good contrast levels, and it is also viewable in just about any angle.

The GPD XD runs on Android 4.4.4, and if you know your Android OS then you’ll know this is not the latest one. However, this is not really an issue since you will mostly use the device for gaming and emulation as opposed to writing texts, checking emails, or sharing something via social media accounts.

If you don’t know what to do when you first get to touch this mobile gaming device, then know that it already comes with preloaded emulators with accompanying ROM files. There is also a good starter pack of Android games such as Virtua Tennis.

The GamePad Digital GPD XD is perhaps the ultimate emulation machine available in today’s market. However, with its prowess comes with a price tag which might make you think about getting the device immediately. But when you do, it is perhaps one of the best gaming investments you can make, especially if you’re into retro games.


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