King Rabbit Review – Return of the King

King Rabbit is a puzzle / action game that plays much like last year’s Furdemption, which is also from RareSloth. The player’s quest is to save his people. It is no less brutal than in Furdemption that makes it familiar for other players who played the latter, even with the change of scenery.  Being almost the same is not necessarily bad. It is still one of the best puzzle/ action games available for mobile platforms.

Like in Furdemption, the player will need to hop across each grid-based level by swiping in one of the four directions; one swipe equals to one hop. The controls of the game are smooth and beautiful just like its ancestor. The player will be responsible for the timing and moving. He gets to decide when to move slowly and carefully, and when it is time to speed up.

King Rabbit Review - Return of the King

King Rabbit is Much Like Furdemption

It is not a surprise that almost each level in King Rabbit makes use of the opportunity to perform both actions. There will be lots of hindrances – some are new and the others are mostly like from Furdemption. The player will have to be vigilant with traps, pits, slime-firing canons, spiders, fire, and the Grim Reaper who is always chasing the character.

What makes this game extremely fun and challenging is that it encourages the player to use stage hazards to finish the mission. The game’s innumerable buzz saws are deadly to the character but it will also be deadly for the foes. With some quick and tactical movements, the player can lure the enemies that chase him into a forest of rotating blades, or a nest of fire.

The environments in King Rabbit can also be destroyed, which becomes vital if the player wants to collect all of the three hidden golden coins in the game’s stages. Most of the coins are hidden in crates, which can be destroyed by bombs, saws, or burned by fire. The traps can be combined and used too: for instance, if a slime-siring canon and a fire pit are brought together, it can become a fire-flinging force to be reckoned with.

King Rabbit is very much like Furdemption, which should immediately tell the player whether or not he will find it a worthy play. If Furdemption picked the player’s interest, King Rabbit is a must-play. He might be put off at how similar it is compared to its predecessor, but it’s hard to blame RareSloth for that. Furdemption is good, and fans want more.


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