Fishing Break Review – Mobile Fishing Anyone?

Nothing beats fishing for relaxation, which is why Roofdog Games made the game Fishing Break. It is a free-to-play mobile fishing game. It may sound strange, fishing on a mobile device, but the adorable 2D art style helps reel the players in. all the sprites are cautiously created in an anime style, and all of the information that the UI included is easy to read and navigate through.

Fishing Break Review - Mobile Fishing Anyone?

Relax for a Bit With Fishing Break

Gameplay for Fishing Break is relatively simple. The player is on a boat, he casts his line by swiping the screen. When a fish bites, reel it in by tapping and swiping the screen.  If the player reels too fast or too hard, the line will break and the fish will run away. Fish tends to pull back to increase the tension meter above their heads, and at that point, the player needs to stop tapping to avoid breaking the line, and resume when ready. The trick to the game is to watch the tension meter and tap or swipe accordingly so that the fish can be pulled without snapping the line. It might get a few tries to get the hang of it but it is not that difficult.

There are no complicated algorithms that the player must memorize in terms of the fishes locations. Levels are instanced and takes place across several maps, like some sort of mission. Fishing Break is fast, fun, and easy to understand the game.

Certain fish have a “defense” level, which matches up nicely with the player’s current power rating, both increases as he moves from pond to pond. To catch tougher fish, the player needs to upgrade his lure, bait, and everything in-between. In a way, a progress in a fishing game is a treat.

It’s great to be able to unlock new, palatable upgrades over time; the difference is really noticeable when reeling in fish after buying them. It is partially   way to sell the microtransactions, in the form of “cash” which is used to buy mostly everything, and also a coin doubler, which can be bought for a fee.

If people could just buy all of the upgrades conceivable it wouldn’t take any skill to catch some of the trickier fish, but there has to be some balance. This can also cause issues when ponds are littered with low-reward fish.

For the crowds who are looking for a zen-like break every so often, Fishing Break is a good choice. It does not necessarily require the player to spend money and it is a fun game. It is more fun to play this game without spending anything, especially if the player plays it casually. An Arctic or Asia-themed level is fun, as is discovering all of the new fish to capture. The same goes for unlocking new outfits and rafts, and going back to base to gradually accumulate more currency. It’s like a mini-ecosystem, with IAP coming up above it.


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