Mimpi Dreams Review – The Sequel to a Game That Brings a Lot of Worth to a Player’s Time

Mimpi Dreams is an adorable, somewhat short puzzle-plat former with inspired are design and outstanding controls. Its briefness and relatively lack of difficulty might turn off those who are looking for more challenge, but it still has enough appeal to carry it far.

Mimpi Dreams Review - The Sequel to a Game That Brings a Lot of Worth to a Player's Time

Mimpi Dreams Offers a Bit of Replayability, But It’s More About an Audio-Visual Journey

Players in Mimpi Dreams will cast in the role of Mimpi, a cute little dog who dreams of becoming a hero. The game sees the player navigating through some of the pooch’s peculiar dreams. Each of those five dreams has a predominant theme and goal, and it’s almost magical to see how things develop from the start of each world to the end.

Early on every dream, the character will meet someone or something that needs his help. Soon after that, he will suit up in an appropriately-themed outfit and the adventure starts from there. The levels are packed with relatively light puzzles that the player can solve by controlling various objects in each scene. Some are quite straight-forward, like just pushing stones or blocks to reach a higher platform, and others are more intellectual, like needing to play a piece of music by sounding the notes in their correct order.

As in the first game, the most frequently seen puzzle type involves using cloud platforms to connect various gaps. In the Mimpi Dreams game, the player can actually move the objects around even if Mimpi is sitting on top of them, which is a good improvement from the previous one. There are a few sections wherein the player needs to jump from one dangerous post to another, but outside of those areas and the cloud puzzles, most of the platforming in the game is more likely navigating than testing the player’s skills. The controls are much tighter this time, and Mimpy feeling less floaty than in the original game.

This game is not about the platforming, and as clever as they can infrequently be, it is not about the puzzle either.  These are just simple tasks to keep the player’s fingers and brain slightly busy. It is a really beautiful and bizarre game in all the positive ways, and there is also a certain abstract coherence to it that is not seen in the previous one.

Mimpi Dreams ends just as it feels like. There’s a bit of replayability here thanks to the bonuses scattered throughout the levels, but it is not terribly hard to pick up most of them. This game is more about taking the player on an audio-visual journey than putting his skills to the test, this game can be worthy of the player’s time and money.


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