Kenwood TTP210 Review – Attractive Design Plus Good Features For its Price

The Kenwood TTP210 presents itself as an affordable four-slice toaster that sports a good set of features and a minimalistic, yet stylish, design. However, it does suffer from some shortcomings such as uneven browning. Nonetheless, the caveats are not too severe to act as actual deal-breakers for this unit, especially when you consider it as a budget appliance.

Kenwood TTP210 Review - Attractive Design Plus Good Features For its Price

The Kenwood TTP210 is a Solid Choice for Anyone Looking for an Affordable Toaster

For its design, the Kenwood TTP210 looks shiny, but in a more minimalistic way of speaking. It has a curved architecture that looks very classy. Furthermore, if you prefer your kitchen appliances to bear the color white, then this particular toaster will immediately fit right in. However, it may not complement designs of the metal variety or those that sport bright colors.

Looking underneath the device, you will find a cable tidy. The cable measures in at 90-centimeters when measuring it from the right-hand end, and 50-centimeters when measuring it from the left. The controls on the TTP210 are clearly defined and are found on the right-side of the unit. However, the control placement does not work so well when you turn the device around so its placement is not ideal for left-handed folk.

Speaking of its controls, there are three of them – reheat, a cancel button, and one button for defrosting/toasting bread that has been taken out directly from being frozen. It is also possible to lift the levers out of the slots to inspect the toast’s progress without having to cancel the entire operation first.

For its slots, it features two of them and each measures in at 26 x 13 x 3-centimeters. Browning controls can be numbered 1 to 6 but there are clicks in between them. Therefore, it actually offers 20 graduations of browning instead of just 6. There is also a long and thin tray to immediately catch the crumbs on your toast. This tray pulls out from beneath the controls.

Even though it is being advertised that it can easily fit in four slices of toast, it already has trouble fitting in those four pieces of standard-sized bread when laying them horizontally. However, placing them vertically immediately solves that problem but it does result in about a centimeter of the bread to stick out from the top. Therefore, this also means that the browning levels aren’t as perfect as you would hope since there is that one portion sticking out.

But for a budget-friendly toaster, the Kenwood TTP210 does perform admirably unlike many of its competitors. It even has a “peek and view” feature which lets you inspect the progress without having to cancel the toasting operation.


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