Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 Review – You Don’t See This Kind of Toaster Everyday

Right from the onset, the Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 is not your typical toaster. Well, simply put, there are large panels of glass on two sides. Hence, you can immediately see the progress of your toasts without any kind of hassle. Just look into it without having to press any kind of control. Although it has only one slot that is designed to be long enough to hold two slices of bread side by side. Still, it does contain a good list of features.

Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 Review - You Don't See This Kind of Toaster Everyday

The Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 is Perhaps the Only Toaster to Come With Bragging Rights

You don’t see a toaster such as the Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 everyday. It’s most notable and noticeable feature are its glass walls. To start, it looks unique and are absolutely stunning. In fact, photos don’t quite do it justice as you would have to see the thing for yourself to marvel at its appearance. Since the two glass walls are placed parallel to each other, it would be quite ideal to place it on an island kitchen counter.

The Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 comes with four layers of glass, which are two outer panels on each side. The outer panels provide the insulation whereas the inner ones have a thermoglass coating. The latter glass parts generates the heat for the device. While the system is good for the overall functionality of the toaster, there is a downside to it and that is the unit weighs a lot. It’s not your average toaster that you can move around freely. However, this is not actually a problem since toasters are rarely moved around in the first place.

It should also be noted that there is no cable tidy found underneath or anywhere else on this particular toaster. However, this is not much of a concern as well since the cable is on the short side as it only measures 65-centimeters.

If there is one thing to define about this toaster’s performance, it can be clearly defined in one word – impressive. It delivers a unique experience since you can immediately see the toaster toasting your toast (say that three times fast). The device is brilliantly flashy and it performs amazing as well. Hence, it is perhaps the only toaster to be as flashy as possible while still being able to live up to its promises.

Overall, the Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster 228000 is a beautifully-crafted device that is meant to redefine the experience that is giving you perfectly toasted bread.


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