LG 65EC970V Review – Being Happy About it is an Understatement

What is the LG 65EC970V? It is a 65-inch TV that sports a UHD 4K resolution and a curved screen. But other than what’s immediately obvious, it also happens to be using OLED screen technology rather than the usual LCD or plasma screen technology. It also comes with passive 3D playback and a WebOS Smart TV engine. Image quality is not without some shortcomings but the overall experience can make anyone be extremely happy about what they’re seeing on the screen.

LG 65EC970V Review - Being Happy About it is an Understatement

The LG 65EC970V Presents Itself With Unparalleled Black Level Response

It’s fair to say that the LG 65EC970V can leave a lasting impression, and one that’s on the positive side. To start, its design looks stylish due to its combination of a razor-thin sliver-trimmed frame, an even slender rear, and a gently curved screen.

Speaking of its slenderness, it is absolutely mind-boggling. The 65EC970V sports a Harman Kardon-designed speaker system which claims to deliver 40-Watts in a 4.0-channel audio configuration. With this element, along with the TV’s choice of design for its stand, immediately sets the TV apart from its rivals, and also from the company’s slightly cheaper EG960V series.

Since it comes with a native 4K UHD resolution, naturally it does not come cheap. In fact, it is far more expensive than a lot of today’s 65-inch TVs that sport the same pixel resolution. However, there are some of its competitors that have HDR playback support, in which LG’s offering does not. Nonetheless, what this particular unit has is a stunning black level response that is pretty hard to beat. It delivers a rich contrast performance that will give images a lot of “pop.”

Other features worth mentioning are that you are able to record from the built-in Freeview HD tuner to USB HDDs, as well as you can connect your mobile device (such as your smartphone or tablet) to the TV for two-way media streaming.

It also has an OLED system which precludes it from any kind of suffering with regards to backlight clouding which is found in LCD screens (especially those that are edge-lit). In other words, even if you place a picture of nothing but a white block found at the center of the screen and said box is covered by a black background, the screen will happily reproduce it without any form of hassle.

However, the LG 65EC970V has colors that look more vibrant than the norm, and this may actually be a bit of a shortcoming. There’s a bit too much “pop” on images. But what it can do is reproduce a staggering amount of shadow detail that is beyond what is usually visible from what other TVs can handle. Therefore, despite some shortcomings, this particular TV can still easily land a spot to anyone’s home.


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