DxO One Review – Take Your Iphone-tography to the Next Level

If you have an iPhone, and want to take even better quality pictures with it, then perhaps you might want to acquire the DxO One. Simply put, it is an add-on to your iPhone to which can be used in one of two ways: (1) to be physically attached to the Apple handset with the use of the Lightning connector (which makes the screen to be the viewfinder), or (2) on its own akin to an action camera.

DxO One Review - Take Your Iphone-tography to the Next Level

Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone With the DxO One

You might wonder what’s the point of having the DxO One when your iPhone can already take good photos, especially if you now own the iPhone 6s and/or 6S Plus. But no matter how good it is, there are certain limitations that are brought upon it, after all, it is just a smartphone camera and not a glorified mirrorless camera or SLR.

The iPhone has a small sensor and a tiny lens which cannot produce that creamy background blur that you get when having a shallow depth of field (which can be achieved with the right lens and the right camera). Also, Apple’s built-in camera for their handset has a limited low light performance and it cannot provide RAW images.

All of these are then offered by the DxO One Add-on. It is a compact, modern package that will slip comfortably to the Lightning connector found on your iPhone. It is able to capture a more than appealing 20.3-megapixel images with a larger 1-inch imaging sensor. The device’s sensor is even the same with that of the RX100 MKIII compact camera.

Also, like many modern cameras, it has an adjustable aperture. This is something wherein most, if not probably all smartphone cameras do not have. For this iPhone add-on, you can start with a pleasantly wide f/1.8 which can run all the way up to f/11. It can even produce RAW files for better image post processing rather than relying on some filters to induce a “better” effect on your photos.

However, the DxO One is not without some flaws, but its positives outweigh them by a long shot. There are no two ways about it that it’s 20-megapixel sensor is able to produce better quality images than any iPhone camera, or any built-in smartphone snapper for that matter. Just make sure that its compact size and rather round-ish design won’t let you fumble over it then unpleasantly dropping it on the floor.


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