iPhone Games You Shouldn Not Missed

iPhone Games You Shouldn Not Missed

How will you entertain yourself when boredom strikes? There are a lot of outlets technology offers to ease your boredom yet with so much of it sometimes you literally forgot what is. On the other hand fun games will never fail to entertain you. Here are five new games that will definitely ease your boredom.

Game #1 – Goat Simulator GoatZ

Yes, finally it is here! Goat Simulator in a higher form is readily available. Comes with an expansion pack the GTA-style animal game will surely captivate more audiences as there’s a lot of things you can now do with this latest version which will let you create objects, what makes it even more exciting is that there are zombies absolutely everywhere. Let the game begin and unlock new goats with new goat magic powers as much as you can.

The Goat Simulator GoatZ costs $4.99 in the App Store

Game #2 – MARVEL Future Fight

This is a free game in the App Store which will let you choose your favorite heroes. Either the more obscure or the most famous hero the choice is yours! As you trounce your enemies you can upgrade your heroes and it will become powerful even more.

MARVEL Future Fight is free in the App Store

Game #3 – Lifeline

This is a thrilling game as you’ve crash-landed on the moon with limited communication. What you can do to survive is you use text to jump through points in the story’s timeline, or to interact with others, and solve your problems and save yourself. This game is similar to Tom Hanks’ game in movie titled Big, can you remember the weird text-based RPG game he’s playing throughout the film?

Lifeline… is $2.99 in the App Store

Game #4 – Skatelander

This game is a combination of Temple Run and Crossy Road, a must try game! It’s a blocky-style neo-arcade runner game in which you skate your way across a series of maps, dodging obstacles, getting powerups, and eventually upgrading your abilities and characters. Sum it up, it’s a lot of fun to look at, plus the animation is captivating without losing the flash of an iPhone game.

Skatelander is free in the App Store

Game #5 – Catch The Rabbit

Regardless of the fact that you can hardly tell if this game has a real end, or if it’s just an endless runner with the illusion of a goal, this game certainly offers a lot of fun. What makes it exciting is you have to chase down an evil rabbit and hop from platform to platform until you catch him. It takes a lot of effort to hop yet it is essential to go on with the game.

Catch The Rabbit is free in the App Store


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