Is Porsche Considering Sea Of Change?

Is Porsche Considering Sea Of Change?

PORSCHE’S 2015 911 GT3 the best thing it can offer is it is faster than any other GT3. It has a 475 hp and a beast at 9,000 rpm.

Although engineered well but it isn’t great. It doesn’t have a sexy and alluring cockpit, steering feel doesn’t give the jolt of adrenalin rush and doesn’t offer manual transmission either. Yet as what automobile industry business is all about this new car is safer, quieter, more comfortable, and more capable than those before it.

Horsepower has been the traditional stick to measure the cars performance. Why? Because the number can be easily processed by consumers hence the number is equivalent to potential velocity. Yet engineers have discovered a problem with regards to this traditional measuring; the more power the car has the more weight it should carry.

Nowadays, the automotive industry is in the quest to lighten a cars load, as a result engineers opted to use pervasive carbon-fiber instead of steel however cars aren’t lighter yet. It is like a rule for the automotive industry but it is this rule about to change?

As what Andreas Preuninger, Porsche’s GT-car chief, said the marque’s future range-toppers won’t chase numbers.

“I’m not a believer in this horsepower monster, up, up, up, more, more, more,” he said. “For my personal tastes, around 500 hp is enough, because 700-800 hp calls for bigger brakes, sturdier suspension. It gets heavier and heavier logically. Performance and improved driver feedback, he says, will come from lighter weight and increased engineering focus.”

It is a notable statement from a Porsche’s GT-car chief, could this mean that Porsche, the trendsetter will adopt moderation? Perhaps Porsche will, as we live in a remarkable times. In the real world how much car horsepower do we really need to have the necessary transportation? Should Porsche’s engineers prioritize comfort rather than unnecessary car tweaks? Does the company considers a sea change all these and more maybe a hint to where the automotive industry heeds.


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