iPad Mini 4 Reviews

The iPad Mini 4 Reviews

Fans of the famous Apple mini tablets have rejoiced over the release of the new iPad Mini 4. It has a more vibrant screen display, the iOS 9 comes pre-installed with the device, it contains a solid and very pleasing performance, and it has a decent battery life. It has been about a year since the release of the 3rd generation iPad Mini and fans see the 4th gen to be properly upgraded unit as compared to last year’s model. It has adopted the iPad Air 2’s incredibly thin aesthetic and even dons a similarly amazing screen. It is what many Apple tablet fans felt as “what should have been last year’s upgrade.”

A Look at the iPad Mini 4

It should be noted that the iPad Mini 4, and all of its other predecessors, were not build as “tanks.” They were built to provide users with comfort and ease in a portable device that delivers above average performance. The “tanks” are usually much larger devices and would not usually fit inside purses or bags. Apple’s “Minis” are what one would normally take into a coffee shop to spend time fiddling around the Internet while waiting for someone.

When compared to the iPad Air 2, the Apple iPad Mini 4 delivers more pixel density for its screen (hands down) while the Air 2 can indeed bring more screen real-estate (primarily because it is larger). Like the Mini 3, the 4th gen iPad Mini has 326 pixels squeezed into each linear inch found on the mobile tablet’s 7.9-inch screen. This creates more eye-popping and sharper images on the small display. For even better news, Apple has finally gotten rid of the tiny gap found between the Mini’s display and the arsenic-free glass slate on top of it. Now, it’s been made into a one laminated panel.

Another neat thing when purchasing the Mini 4 is it comes pre-installed with the latest Apple mobile operating system, the iOS 9. Hence, users no longer have to be compelled in downloading the OS. One other great feature is the iPad Mini 4‘s rear 8-megapixel camera which does its job pretty well in delivering sharp photos (for a mobile device). However, not all of these are rainbows and ice creams as there are some things wherein Apple fans were not too keen about this 4th gen Mini tablet from Apple. The rotation lock switch is gone (which means users have to manually tend to it in the Settings), and the base model has a less than satisfactory internal storage of 16GB (with still no expandable memory card slot).

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