The Obi – a Laser Toy to Annoy Your Cat

The Obi - a Laser Toy to Annoy Your Cat

If you’ve got a cat in your home and you’re being continuously being pestered by it by sitting in front of your computer (more specifically your keyboard) while you’re working on something important, then The Obi may be just the thing you need. It’s a smartphone-controlled laser toy which is designed to help entertain pets.  What’s so special about it? For one, you can just purchase a laser pointer at the dollar store and play with your cat with it, right? 2 words – no hands.  Those novelty laser pointers require the user to continuously hold down the button for it  to work. With the Obi, it’s a different story as you would only need your smartphone to control the speaker-like thing so it can play with your cat (distracting it successfully) while you get work done.

Control The Obi With Your Smartphone to Let It Play With Your Pet

The Obi is described as a smart laser toy which is specifically made for your feline companions at home. It has a modern design, which at first glance would be mistaken for a Bluetooth speaker. It has a matte black (or white) finish with a cork interior. It’s appearance is simple but it does get the job done (and by job it means keeping your cat away from the computer when you need to rush on those deadlines).

Right now, it takes an iPad or an iPhone to control The Obi Laser Toy for cats. As per its Kickstarter page, it does not have Android device compatibility as of the moment. The device’s instructions are as simple as its design; all the user has to done is draw the finger over the screen of their Apple mobile device to aim the laser. It can also be set to do this automatically, so again, no hands are required. It can even be set to turn on when you’re not around.

Another neat feature of The Obi is that it creates a noise to attract your cat, thereby making use of its main function even more to distract your feline friend away from your work. Users need not worry if the laser scatters around too much and find their cat totally trashing the place. The laser toy can be set to only shine its light on a predetermined space, like a blank wall or a in a room with no breakables inside. However, there is a warning stated in its Kickstarter campaign to not use it much on dogs as K9s exhibit more obsessive qualities than your feline partner.


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