How to take sharp looking photos using your own smartphones?

How to take sharp looking photos using your own smartphones?

To take photos of an extraordinary view or to capture a once in a lifetime moment using a smartphone is the most convenient way available since your smartphone comes in handy and it is always with you most of the time isn’t it? There’s a problem though, the photos are not sharp looking the way you like it to be.

There are principles that could help us in taking sharp photos and this principles were not only for mobile photography many of these can also be applied with conventional cameras.

Hold the device steadily – Tip#1

Some have shaky hands but practice makes you perfect therefore you need to exert more effort with holding the device steadily by doing so blurred shoots can be avoided hence you need to established a steady hold for the handset to ensure that your mobile photography is crisp rather than spongy.

  • You can also take advantage with the use of tripods.
  • To firmly grip the camera you can use both hands before taking the shot.
  • Another technique is to hold a deep breath before taking a photo to reduce shakiness if there is any.

Lens Cleanliness – Tip#2

You have to ensure that the lenses of your smartphones are clean enough before a particular image capture. Sometimes there are marks of sticky fingers left, smudges, and residue left in the lenses that could affect the image you captured instead of a sharp looking photos you will get an image that look soft and out of focus. You have to pay attention with your smartphone lenses as this greatly affect your captured images. You can clean your lenses by gently wiping it with a cotton or a soft cloth.

Right Focus – Tip#3

If the subject of the photo is out of focus you will likely to get a photo that is lacking of sharpness. How can you you make sure that you will get the focus right?

  • Make sure you set the point of focus where you want focus to be by tapping it directly on the screen of your smartphone this way you avoid auto-focus infelicity.
  • You can also use the AF lock feature this can help you set focus.

Use advantage of the light – Tip#4

Yes, look where the light is, with light’s aid you can get better photos than photos taken with low light

Use advantage of apps – Tip#5

There are vast of apps available to sharpen and edit photos you can use advantage of this services offered by some apps, even with meticulous technique, some photos still need a little help.


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