PANDANUS CANDELABRUM: A rare African plant that can point diamond deposits beneath the earth.

PANDANUS CANDELABRUM: A rare African plant that can point diamond deposits beneath the earth.

Diamonds are incredibly rare that have so many practical uses that is why Diamonds are the most valuable commodity on earth based on dollar value per weight. Yet finding diamonds are never an easy task. Nobody claims it though.

Did you know that there is a certain plant in Africa can serve as a detector? This rare African plant allegedly points the way to diamond deposits beneath the earth. This is what geologist working in Liberia has discovered. Nature provided an equivalent sign to where diamonds lays. The rare plant identified as Pandanus candelabrum. Where these plants grow? The plants only grows on top of volcanic columns of kimberlite, a material that sometimes contains diamonds.

What is Kimberlite Pipes?

Formed from ancient volcanic eruptions, kimberlite pipes are columns of volcanic rock. Diamonds sometimes journeyed together with this pipes as it emerges from the deep inside of the Earth’s mantle.

What relation does this pipes has to do with the rare plant that might point where diamonds were?

The soil that covers the pipes is rich in magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. On the other hand the rare plant Pandanus candelabrum love these components. That is why it is theorized that the only place the plant grows is above the columns of kimberlite where the soil is rich with magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Therefore if you can find such plants you will likely find a kimberlite tube such tubes might carry the most valuable commodity on earth; Diamonds.

The man behind this latest discovery is a researcher at Florida International University in Miami who’s also a chief exploration officer of Youssef Diamond Mining Company, this particular company owns mining concessions in Liberia. This man is Stephen Haggerty according to him “Of the more than 6,000 known kimberlite pipes in the world, about 600 contain diamonds,” he also added, “Of these, only about 60 are rich enough in quality diamonds to be worth mining.” It means that while the plant is a good indicator not all plants holds the way to the diamond deposits.


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