Ricoh Theta S Review – Capture and Share Your Own VR Content

The Ricoh Theta S is a 360-degree camera that has once broken all the rules of photography when its predecessor was first released back in 2013. The concept was appealing then as it is now. All the usual rules of photography are unleashed as you will be shooting without a frame, which is amazing how different it feels in its own right. With this new iteration, it has boosted the quality of its still and video.

Ricoh Theta S Review - Capture and Share Your Own VR Content

The Ricoh Theta S Breaks All the Rules of Photography Once More

Much like the Ricoh Theta, the Ricoh Theta S has a core appeal that remains practically the same. While many shutterbugs who love the fuss there is to photography, such as framing, focusing, exposure tweaking, and directing people to create their own rendition of a “perfect” photography, for this device, all you have to do is hold it up, press the button, then move on.

The Theta S is a better-equipped 360-degree camera than the original. But there are still some similarities, such as dual sensors (one on each side), it uses a fish-eye lenses to capture a 180-degree image. Two of these images are stitched together to produce a 360-degree photo.

This 2nd generation camera still has an imaging sensor that is largely boosted than its predecessor. The original had a miniscule 3.2-megapixels for its resolution, whereas this time around the unit has a pair of 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensors with 12-megapixels each. These sat behind a brighter and faster lens which has an f/2 aperture. Still, since the resolution is stretched across a large angle of view, it is still not as pin-sharp as you would hope it to be. Nonetheless, what it does lack in image quality makes up for in engagement.

Also, there is no screen on the device, but it can easily link to your smartphone or mobile device with the use of Wi-Fi. It is compatible to iOS and Android devices. When connected, it can even wirelessly transfer photos. These 360-degree photos can be spun around and zoomed using the usual touch screen gestures. You can even immediately share them to Facebook or Twitter. These can all be done with the dedicated app. Speaking of its app, you can also use it as a remote shutter control for the device.

If you’re ever in the market for a 360-degree camera, or want to take all the intricacies found in mainstay photography, then you might want to pick up the Ricoh Theta S. With it, it is a simple matter of thinking up some unique thoughts as to how you can take advantage of this “different” photography device.


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