HiddenHUB – The Sound System That Adapts to the Shape of the Room

The HiddenHUB can truly be called the first smart speaker. While many speakers, even wireless ones, in today’s market do give you great sound quality, many, if not all of them will give you settings that cannot be changed. In other words, what you see, or hear, is what you get. With this device by Hidden, it can adapt to the audio to match the shape of the room. Therefore, it gives you a more immersive sound experience unlike any other.

HiddenHUB - The Sound System That Adapts to the Shape of the Room

HiddenHUB is an Adaptive Sound System

With HiddenHUB, get the sound quality you want practically anywhere around the house. It is an omnidirectional speaker system that aims to knock many of its competitors right out of the park. With its adaptive sound technology, it will always think before doing its job. Hence, it can actually bring a concert hall experience right inside your own living room.

The device has intelligent sensors and a proprietary logic board that analyzes a room’s layout. It will then dynamically adjust to its audio profile that will fit the space. Hence , it can distribute frequencies and will individually regulate each driver’s power. Thus, it will evenly fill every corner of the room where it is placed with nothing but rich sound.

In other words, the HiddenHUB Sound System allows the room to actually make the sound (so to speak). There are no dead spots no matter where you sit inside the room. Always experience the perfect audio setup.

This device is natively compatible with all the mainstream technologies. Also, users are able to set up multiple speakers around their homes to make for a truly immersive sound experience, not just with one room, but for the entire house. It creates a true Multi-Room experience.

Also, there is no need for complicated apps or bridges. The sound system works with DLNA, Bluetooth, and AirPlay. If your house does not have a Wi-Fi network, not to worry; the HUB will create its own 5GHz Wi-Fi network for you to stream audio from your mobile device of choice, with just a press of a button.

Remember why it is called the smart speaker? Because it will know when you are coming home which will then greet you with your favorite tunes as soon as you get inside from the front door. Also, it will stream the music right where you have left off before you left your home a while ago.

The HiddenHUB is accepting financial backers over at their Kickstarter campaign page. Those who have already backed this project should expect the product to be delivered around May 2016.


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