HUDWAY Glass – Turn Your Smartphone Into a Head-Up Display for Any Car

HUDWAY Glass is a universal car accessory that literally turns your smartphone into a Head-Up Display (HUD). This brings comfort and safety to drivers. The company responsible for the creation of this device believes that HUDs are a better, and safer option than an instrument-panel display, or even a smartphone when driving around town. Other solutions are downright expensive; this, on the other hand, is easy on the wallet.

HUDWAY Glass - Turn Your Smartphone Into a Head-Up Display for Any Car

Turn Your Smartphone Into an HUD with HUDWAY Glass

So how can the HUDWAY Glass be used? There are no complicated procedures in using the device. Simply use any smartphone and start any app that will support HUD mode. Then place said handset onto the cradle with the display facing up. For the third step, well, there is no third step as that is practically it.

Some examples of apps that are compatible with the HUDWAY are GPS navigation (by RIT LLC), Speedometer and Speed (by Hudway LLC), Navmii GPS USA (by Navmii Publishing Ltd), and Sygic: GPS Navigation (by Sygic a.s.). Even Baidu maps is compatible for the Glass as it supports HUD mode.

Why does an HUD matter? Think about this – there are about 600-million people in the world that constantly get behind the wheel of a vehicle each and every singly say. According to studies, there are about 75-percent of them that easily get distracted while driving. These distractions can be in the form of drinking coffee, reaching for the glove compartment, changing a radio station, or even talking to their kids in the back seat. But the worst distraction is our very own smartphones.

As soon as we hear a call, or even a notification from our mobile devices, we tend to have the urge to read it at that moment. “What if it’s something important?” is what’s probably going through our minds once we hear the familiar notification chime of our phones. Many of us give into this urge and just read while driving, which is a gateway for disastrous accidents.

With an HUD, you, as the driver, get to focus on the road, keep both hands on the wheel, increase the safety of all occupants within the vehicle, and keep your mind on what currently matters most – your driving.

The HUDWAY Glass has a sturdy design so that your smartphone won’t fall off the device even when you do a hard brake. This device is already available for backing at their Kickstarter campaign page. Those who have already pledged may expect the device to roll out starting March of 2016.


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