BLOCKS – Create Your Own Smartwatch

What is BLOCKS? It is the world’s first modular smartwatch. Therefore, you can practically create your own design and functionalities by mixing and matching different modules to make a wearable tech that you can proudly say “your own.” This is a breakaway from the compromises of only paying for a watch and only getting the package what is offered. Simply put, if you don’t like something with this watch, then just switch it out.

BLOCKS - Create Your Own Smartwatch

BLOCKS is the World’s First Modular Smartwatch

With BLOCKS, you no longer have to worry about the hassles of “What You See is What You Get.” Owners start with just the watchface, which is also known as the Core. This is a fully functional smartwatch all on its own. Then, users would then want to include Modules into the strap to enhance or even add to their desired functionality. Choose from ANY Module available that you want and connect them together to build a wearable tech that is unique only to you.

The company responsible for the BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch has created the tech for the people that matters the most – their customers. Instead of having to deal with the complexities of having to pay for an item and having to deal with the consequences that come along with the package, this smartwatch aims to let users adjust to their needs and wants at any time of their choosing. Thus, it effectively deals with said consequences of what other smartwatches have to deal with.

The modules on this modular smartwatch are hot swappable and easily replaceable. This then proves that it is a more cost effective choice when it comes to replacing parts. If a module breaks down, then just replace that specific piece instead of having to purchase a whole smartwatch. Swap these modules in and out within seconds. Furthermore, one of the best parts is that you no longer have to need to restart the watch when you connect a Module.

Each Module has its own unique design and are easily customizable. Users can mix and match the modules, as well as their exterior look, for a truly unique watch.

It is also an open platform, which means any company, or even an individual, will be able to develop Modules. Thus, third-party manufacturers are welcome to create their own Modules built for gaming, sports, productivity, and even health. This gives more choices for practically every type of individual.

There are already modules that are available for BLOCKS which include extra battery, a heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC, and even an adventure mode module that will measure the altitude, pressure, and temperature of the immediate area where the wearer is currently located. Those who have already given enough financial backing through the company’s Kickstarter campaign page might expect the device to be released by May 2016.


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