iPhone – How to Find Your Apple Smartphone, Even in the Dark

Have you ever had an experience wherein you’re trying to rush things because you’re already running late for school or your job, but then you couldn’t find your iPhone anywhere? It’s actually a pretty common occurrence that we lose our smartphones around the house (especially when the device sinks into the depths of your couch). While common as it is, it is also very frustrating, especially when you’re trying to get things done fast. But if you have an Apple Watch, there is a ping feature that will make the Apple smartphone make an audible sound, along with a flashing LED, to help you locate where it is.

iPhone - How to Find Your Apple Smartphone, Even in the Dark

Find Your iPhone With the Help of the Apple Watch

If you’re wondering how you can use the ping feature on your Apple Watch to help you locate your missing iPhone, then read on. First of all, raise your Apple Watch then press on the Digital Crown until you’re at the watch’s face. Afterwards, swipe up from the bottom of the screen until you will be able to see the Glance with the Airplane Mode, Notifications, and Do Not Disturb icons.

Once you’re at that screen, tap on the lower left icon on that Glance. For those who are still quite new to this icon, it looks like the Apple iPhone with sound lines on either side of image. Tapping on it will ping the smartphone, which would make it emit an audible pinging sound.

But what if there’s no power and you’ve lost the Apple smartphone somewhere around the house? The pinging option does still seem like a viable way to search for your mobile phone, but caressing various things in the dark is not a really wise decision. What you can do (still with your Apple Watch) is to make the phone’s LED flash strobe a bit so you can find it easily, even within pitch black darkness.

To make the iPhone device flash its LED, instead of tapping on the ping button, hold it down. The phone’s flash will do its job, which will then allow you to search for the mobile device even when it’s dark (or if you have a really bad sense of echolocation). What’s great about lighting up your phone is that it will most certainly work even when the device is still on silent mode. Hence, it wouldn’t matter as to what path you would take in alerting your iPhone’s presence, you would still be able to find it. Well, that is provided that you’re Apple Watch does have enough battery to complete the task.


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