Grand Theft Auto V – Deer Cam on Twitch Captures Much Attention

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like having a deer running amok in your city, then wonder no more as the “Deer Cam” mod in Grand Theft Auto V does that and more. This is part of a project by digital artist Brent Watanabe and the deer is not your ordinary horned animal in the game. To start, it is an immortal one; yep, you can’t kill it. It runs around the world of GTA and what’s great to hear about it is that it captured the heart of the Internet.

Grand Theft Auto V - Deer Cam on Twitch Captures Much Attention

The Deer Cam of Grand Theft Auto V Captures the Hearts of Many

While Twitch is home to the likes of many videogame videos, such as the likes of League of Legends and CS:Go, this Deer Cam from Grand Theft Auto V is an unexpected hit. It is a near-constant video feed of the deer’s adventures in the virtual world. The entire stream runs from a modified version of the game and it follows the deer in a third-person point-of-view. The camera will follow the animal around as it randomly explores the urban jungle that is the GTA world.

What’s interesting here is that there’s not human intervention involved. Hence, Brent Watanabe, developer of the mod, would just let the deer roam about without any human involvement. What makes this particular mod so meditative is the quality of the entire thing. The deer will walk across splendidly rendered mountain vistas, beaches that are lit with a beautiful sunset, and even abandoned urban streets look beautiful.

For reasons unknown, the only times that things would heat up a bit is when civilians would attack this dear deer (pun intended). People that are walking down the street would sometimes punch it, shoot at it, or like in the extreme GTA universe, blow it up with the use of tanks.

Computer-generated AI can keep fighting the deer to its heart’s content, but the deer is immortal; ergo, nothing can kill it. Even when bombs have been exploded, explosive shells from tanks have been fired, or when hit by fast-running cars, it would simply pick itself up and carry on with its roaming expeditions.

The Deer Cam for Grand Theft Auto V started out with a few thousand viewers, but after a few days of streaming, it racks up to hundreds of thousands of people watching it at the same time. For those who are interested about this immortal deer, the project will run until the 20th of April, 2016.


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