Google’s Project Tango In Smartphone

Google’s Project Tango In Smartphone

First there was the so-called Tablet Development Kit in order for the developers to test and run in the works Project Tango apps now Google collaborated with Qualcomm to come up with another device which allows you to pocket it since Project Tango Smartphone Development Platform, is due later this summer.



 Project Tango is a project primarily develop by the search giant company Google which opens path to expansion and room for more advance improvement in the field of Android device platform. This particular project used specially made hardware and software peripherals, it has an advance computer vision for instance, more than that specially made image processors and specialized sensors were also applied to this project to track full 3D motion of the device in real-time while simultaneously learning the areas it travels through. Indeed this is one amazing project that as early as now we can say that it will make like easier.



 Meanwhile this project is not yet in the market as mentioned above it will be due later this summer. Instead Google opted to create a a reference design for smartphone manuracturers, the product is more likely a pattern for phone makers to copy it if these manufacturers would want to create Tango products, and there’s more the reference product is geared with a new important sensor.

 The new important sensor used the approach called structured light which is a new time-of-flight camera that lets the Tango measure depth without taking up nearly as much space on the back of the phone.

 On the other hand the reference product designed in partnership of Google and Qualcomm is like the super-high-end Qualcomm smartphone: powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor with a 6.1-inch 2560 x 1600 screen, and pack with more other specs and features of course!

 Talk of the availability of Project Tango and the answer is no one knows yet of when will it hit the market in the meantime it was announced by Google that it will hold a developer contest and it will give $95,000 as a price.


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