Google Turns Your Jeans Into Interactive Fabric

Published: 5 June 2015

Google Turns Your Jeans Into Interactive Fabric

In the quest to make dumb things become a smart things Google in collaboration with Levi’s is set to create smart clothes. What is this all about?

 Turning plain fabrics into something smart is possible with technology. This is Google’s one of many projects and the company refers to it as the Project Jacquard. With the Project Jacquard you can make a call through your jeans. How did Google do it? How did yarns become smart?

 To make the jeans smart the idea is to weave the metallic threads into the fabrics giving it the ability to control bits of technology. This one particular project is not just for jeans as this can also work with other fabric such as woven or flat fabric, not just that, it can also work with thicker materials, like wool for instance or with other textured materials.

 Part of the metallic fibers intelligence is it can actually sense your fingers when you lay your hand on it. When there is a pressure with the touch the respond of the metallic fabric is that the bottom grid give a bit.

 The linkage of Project Jacquard might be coming in the form of TV, or a phone it may be link to your car, tablet and with your own personal computer. The Project Jacquard can actually be implemented into different kinds of material it can as well communicate with vast of device.

 Can you imagine that the very fiber which give powers to Project Jacquard is so thin that it can be netted into silk? Though, Google’s partner for this project Levi’s doesn’t produce silk that is why denim will test these fibers with other means.



  •  Google’s mobile music player playback, track and volume can be controlled through touch or swipe literally in your coat or jeans.
  •  It has the ability to pause a track by tapping on their shirt, and those who aren’t into smartwatches may enjoy silencing the notification vibrations their phones make in a pocket by swiping a coat sleeve.
  •  Another thing is that Google also came up with a new way to control and navigate devices with small screen through hand gestures.


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