Safari – Why Can’t Apple’s Browser Sort Bookmarks Alphabetically?

Sorting bookmarks in browsers is a feature that comes as a norm in practically any modern-day web browser, even for Safari. It comes from a time when users are enthralled by the birth of bookmarks as prior to that we would save a note on our system and just copy-and-paste the web address into our browsers. Now, we can just save the page and click on it whenever we want to go back to the URL. However, this also has a drawback as the more bookmarks you save, the harder it is to find what you’re looking for. Do you remember that website that it featured this great tutorial that you saved about a month ago? Well then there might be 50 other websites that you’ve saved over the course of 30-days. Digging through all those URLs is not, in any way, helpful. However, if you look into the browser made for the Apple ecosystem of technologies, you will either have to scan your entire list for it as it does not have the functionality of letting you sort it alphabetically.

Safari - Why Can't Apple's Browser Sort Bookmarks Alphabetically?

There are Times When Apple’s Safari Browser Makes it Harder for its Users, Especially When it Comes to Bookmarks

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just sort bookmarks in Safari  alphabetically? Even at the time of writing, there has never been any way to pull this off in the web browser itself. However, there is a workaround to it but the process is slightly different than just doing it with a simple click of a button.

First off, you can start by displaying your Bookmarks in the Safari Browser by going to Bookmarks then Show Bookmarks. Click the Edit button that is found at the bottom of the list. Drag all your bookmarks to folder in the Finder, and make sure you do not select Bookmarks Menu else you will not be able to drag the bookmarks. Then display that folder in List View. Afterwards, click the Name header to sort the files by their name.

For the final steps so that you can sort your bookmarks in Safari the way you want them to, move up a level in the Finder by pressing the Command button on your keyboard and the Up arrow. Drag that folder onto the bookmark list in Safari. You can now delete the original bookmark folder if you want but the new one will have the bookmarks arranged in alphabetical order. Still, the question does remain as to why such a simple task is given such a lengthy workaround.


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