GE PDT750SSFSS Review – A Mid-Range Performer With a High Price Tag

The GE PDT750SSFSS lives up to its high price point when looking at it through a designer’s standpoint. It has a sleek stainless-steel finish with an impressive array of features. For instance, it has the functionality of running a cycle with only one of its racks; it also has water jets that can fill a tall bottle. It has hidden controls, which are not actually a bad thing as it keeps the front end uncluttered and looking clean. Also, it has a 16 place setting capacity which feels user-friendly and quite roomy.

GE PDT750SSFSS Review – A Mid-Range Performer With a High Price Tag

The GE PDT750SSFSS Keeps Things Interesting

The GE PDT750SSFSS does keep an enjoyable mix of features to keep anyone happy, especially its bottle wash function. However, it has some features that appear commonplace and makes the dishwasher to be on par with the competition rather than taking the lead, especially when you take a look at its top-end price tag.

For its price, there are already plenty of other dishwashing models from other manufacturers that have third rack for utensils and flatware. But don’t get the GE PDT750SSFSS dishwasher wrong, it still has an impressive cleaning power. Even though the list of features isn’t lengthy considering its price, each of those has been cleverly placed and well-implemented. It is, at its core, an expensive kitchen appliance, but its functionalities almost make up for it.

For its design, it isn’t really much of a looker. It has black wire racks that are against the backdrop of a stainless steel tub. It also has blue tips on the water jets that add a bit of color to the mix. There are also similar blue tips which cover the bottle-wash tines found on the upper rack. Overall, it looks pretty simple but it does not stray away much from the contemporary dishwasher flair which might please some people.

It offers 7 different cycle options, with up to 10 combinations of cycle add-ons, and these are normal, light, heavy, rinse, eWash, and express. Speaking of the wash cycle combinations, these include a Wash Zone option, PreSoak, Wash Temp, Power Dry, and Bottle Wash.

The machine will give you an estimate amount of time as to when it will finish with each cycle. It can be as much as 30-minutes, or sometimes even more. Its estimates seem to be at the lower end of the range.

With its array of easy-to-use features, the GE PDT750SSFSS brings a certain charm to kitchens, albeit it does look like just about any other dishwasher out there. But overall, it doesn’t live up to its high price point due to its list of features being mostly commonplace.


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