DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 Review – A More Suitable Option for Tight Spaces

The DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 is built around the Zensor Pico but it is a scaled-down version of the DALI’s Zensor 1 standmount. It has a cabinet which is approximately 30-percent smaller, which makes it a more viable option for rooms or spaces that no longer have much space to spare.

DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 Review – A More Suitable Option for Tight Spaces

DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 Brings Elegance to the Speaker World

The DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 is able to be mixed-and-matched with other variants within the Zensor line. Still, this ready-made 5.1 system features two pairs of Picos which are for the surround and front channels. It also uses the Zensor Piko Vokal at its center channel, and the E-9 F subwoofer to complete the set with bass duties. While the E-9 F is clearly just an add-on to the set, but it does complement each part beautifully.

The company has dialed down the flair of this speaker set by just a teensy bit to make for a more reasonable price tag. It has a cabinet which measures in at 230-millimeters in height by 141-millimeters in width. It is dressed in a pleasing black ash vinyl finish along with a gloss-black baffle and silver driver surrounds. These are covered by a black cloth grille which is held in place by plug fixings rather than magnets.

It sports a 4.5-inch wood fiber cone mid/bass driver and a 25-millimeter soft textile dome tweeter. These are also found in the company’s own Zensor 1 and to other speakers that are within the Zensor range. It is to assure that there is still tonal consistency across the entire system. However, unlike other speakers, it doesn’t add an extra “punch” to the mid or bass driver to present a boost in the dialogue. Due to this, it is clear that DALI is pretty confident with their single driver approach to the Zensor Pico 5.1.

While the speaker presents itself as a compact unit, it still has plenty to present in terms of audio power. It belches out a decent soundstage with plenty of low-end beefiness and thrilling dynamics. When you play action movies when the system is connected to your TV, you will have a pulsating and primeval experience. You will feel and hear the rumble of each explosion beautifully.

Even though it lacks a certain wow factor, the DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 delivers refined, room-filling sound which is pretty impressive for the compact speaker type. One of the best parts about it is it doesn’t demand too much space inside your room.


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