LG LDT9965BD Review – Washing Away Everything, Including Its Flaws

While the LG LDT9965BD is beautiful down to a fault, the main upper rack is a huge pain in the behind. It does have a premium-looking black stainless steel finish which can resist fingerprints, has plenty of space for dishes due to its third rack, yet the main upper rack does not have a true express cycle. Many will find how difficult it is to make the machine work when using its buttons. Also, at its price point, it is not cheap and for its price, it doesn’t do a pretty good performance. But what it can do is clean your dishes really, really well.

LG LDT9965BD Review – Washing Away Everything, Including Its Flaws

The LG LDT9965BD is, at Its Core, is a Dishwasher

Even though there are plenty of things to not like about the LG LDT9965BD, it can really clean your dishes. As far as cleaning is concerned, it is just as good as about everything. It even manages a quiet cleaning process as it only produces 42-decibels while it’s working its magic.

Its price point is hardly forgiving but once you get to see its premium cleaning power, its price might be pushed back to 2nd place as performance rises up on top on your list. In other words, the LG LDT9965BD Dishwasher will come through where it matters most.

For those who are fans of big, black stainless-steel appliances, then the LDT9965BD could be the apple of your eyes. Well, it’s not really black but more of a dark gray color. But nevertheless, it is still a piece of dish washing technology that you would not mind placing in your kitchen.

There are only a few adornments found on its front and these are a gently curved handle bar, four status indicator lights in the upper right, and the LG logo found in the upper left. The controls are found in the upper lip of the door. If you find this type of design for the controls to be something new, don’t be as it is now found in many modern dishwashers to reduce clutter. Everything about its design clearly points out its high price point.

When you get your dishes into the very spacious load, you can then choose from six cycle options found, or rather hidden in its control panel. Pick between Auto, Delicate, Heavy, Dual Wash, Quick & Dry, or Normal.

The LG LDT9965BD gets a whole lot of things in the right that you would not mind its flaws once you see its optimum cleaning power. When it comes to design, it holds no prisoners as it rampages through the competition with its modern approach to dishwashers everywhere. However, its flaws do let it fall short into making it a supreme overall contender in the market.


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