Apple Pencil Review – No Sharpeners for This One

When people were expecting new tech for Apple’s yearly announcements for their new products, they were not expecting the Apple Pencil. It is basically a stylus that is used with the massive, but powerful Apple iPad Pro. Said tablet, when used with said stylus, is aimed at artists and other creative professionals. If you’re expecting that this “pencil” comes with the iPad Pro, then you are mistaken. It is an optional device and does cost a whole lot more than what you have to shell out for a lead pencil from your local school and office supply store.

Apple Pencil Review - No Sharpeners for This One

The Apple Pencil is Aimed at Creative Professionals

The Apple Pencil measures 6.875-inches in length and weighs a very lightweight 0.64-ounces. It is covered in a smooth, white, plastic material and is cylindrical in shape. There is a matte-gray plastic tip with a removable rear cap. When you remove said rear cap, there is a Lightning port underneath it.

For its tip, it can be screwed off just in case it needs to be replaced. Furthermore, the cylindrical shape would make you think that the device will roll over a table unhindered, but this stylus is weighted, hence it does not.

The package includes the Apple Pencil stylus itself, an adapter, and a standard Lightning cable to charge the device. There is also one replacement tip included in the box.

Pairing the device to the iPad Pro is completely effortless. Users will just have to plug the stylus in briefly into the tablet’s Lightning port, and it’s done. This is not your ordinary capacitive stylus as it needs to be paired with a certain iPad Pro prior to the Pencil to work.

While the Pencil has a smooth and minimalistic surface, there are no indicators for battery life on the device itself. The Pencil’s information can be found on the iPad Pro’s screen. Apple says that users are able to get about 15-minutes of use from a 30-second charge. It takes a generous 12-hours of use when the battery is at full-charge. Full-charge can be achieved in as little as 25-minutes.

As for performance, the Pencil does what a stylus can do, but better. It has a precision that is pressure and tilt sensitive. Therefore, you can use it to make various kinds of strokes. It even works very well in discerning tilts from multiple angles using the app Procreate.

If you have an iPad Mini, or just an iPad for that matter, then you can’t use the Apple Pencil since it only works for the iPad Pro. While performance and battery life are great, you won’t expect to shell out a whole lot of money for a tablet just to get a well-performing stylus.


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