Galak-Z Review – An Insanely Challenging Shooter With Permadeath

In Galak-Z, it doesn’t mean that you’ve reached the objective marker that things get easy. When you do, you might get ambushed by an enemy fleet at the least moment you expect. In fact, there may be too many to handle in such an enclosed space. But don’t take this as a downside to this PC game. Even though the challenge is indeed very real, this is one of the major strong points of the game.

Galak-Z Review - An Insanely Challenging Shooter With Permadeath

Galak-Z is Great When You do Things Right

Even though things can get pretty messed-up in Galak-Z, it is still a game done right. There are plenty of ways to keep happy in this game, even though there are times you’re frantically avoiding everything in sight. Even if you plan to take things slowly, the game seemingly knows this and then throws things (a whole lot of things) at you.

If you haven’t played anything as fearsome, then you haven’t tried Galak-Z for the PC yet. You will die, more often than you will have initially planned. You will then have to reset to the beginning of each of that “season’s” level.

In this game, luck is a vital role as well as skill. This videogame might have a steep learning curve so those who are planning to spend a relaxing time for their Saturday afternoon, then don’t play this game. But for those who want a deep challenge that may even let you tear the hair out of your head in both frustration and excitement, then this game has that.

The setup of the game has been tested, and re-tested, and tested once over to create something that approaches perfection. Even though players might feel that there should be a touch more maneuverability options for the in-game craft they’re piloting, it just makes the game all the more fun and downright challenging. Gamers who are into this type of gameplay will be more than satisfied, especially when they clear each objective.

In Galak-Z, there will be times, wait, scratch that… a whole lot of times wherein the odds will be against you. They might even seem to be unfair. You will be given the tools to get out of the stickiest of situations, but that won’t be enough you don’t time your evasions at the right moment. Whether you’re strafing, boosting, or kicking your rear jets into high gear, all of these need to played out right. Else, you will have to start over.


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