Chaos Reborn Review – Live or Die

Chaos Reborn has its own style of gameplay that players who say that it is much like Heathstone is seriously mistaken. It is a fiendish game on its own, and one that has a high skill ceiling. One part of the game is luck, the other is all about skill. When players summon a card onto the field, or when they cast a spell, there is only a percentage of a chance that the activation will work. If it doesn’t, then tough.

Chaos Reborn Review - Live or Die

Chaos Reborn Plays Much Like the Classic Game of Coin Toss, But With More Choices

Chances for spell or card effectiveness in Chaos Reborn are malleable if that’s what you’re worried about. You can bring the order of the map to either magic Law or Chaos when you cast magic. This will make your spells and summons more effective, depending on the side. You can also spend mana points to directly boost the chances of a spell creating massive destruction onto your opponent instead of it fizzling out.

This is not a fast-paced game by a long shot. Every step counts. Even though games in Chaos Reborn (PC) are short, there is a lot to think about between each bout. Players need to think about each turn as they are only allowed one chance to move and attack per unit, and then cast one spell or summon.

In this game, even the height of the summoned creature will matter. Each unit has its specialties that allow them to have a higher chance of beating your opponent’s summoned beings. For instance, the Paladin has the ability to strike back, and Undead class has the ability to be immune to weaker attacks.

There is a good selection of cards, spells, and summons to choose from. It is good, but not great. Furthermore, in each section of the game there will always be that element of randomness. Hence, even if you think you’ve got the upper hand, one random passing of a negative outcome can turn the tides against your favor. However, take note that it can also happen to your opponents so there is that immense satisfaction if you’re about to lose and then that happens.

But it’s not all about luck in Chaos Reborn as you still need to play your cards right to beat your opponents with higher chances. It is a raw tactical game that is played between two and four players. It has a simple and yet attractive hex field for each battle. It is a fine return to one of gaming’s greatest legacies.


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