Fugoo Review – A Compact Bluetooth Speaker With an Awesome Sound

Not many people know about the Fugoo as the Bluetooth speaker market is dominated by big names in the industry. However, this is the business sector’s best kept secret. You may not even probably heard of it, but once you get a taste of what this compact speaker can dish out in terms of sound and music quality, you would not miss the chance to consider purchasing this device.

Fugoo Review - A Compact Bluetooth Speaker With an Awesome Sound

The Fugoo is a Bluetooth Speaker With Remarkable Performance

When talking about the design of the Fugoo speaker, it requires to talk what’s on the inside first prior to noting about its exteriors. At the core of this Bluetooth speaker likes a tough IP67-protected center. This durable structure is constructed with plastic and accents of rubber. These all come together as a great method to deliver shockproof, dustproof, waterproof, and of course, peace of mind.

Looking at the inside of the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker and you might be disappointed, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at. However, the core offers a solid foundation and the exteriors offer a customizable feature in which users are able to change its skins.

There is a tweeter and passive radiator found in its long side, and there is also a woofer found at its ends that is capped by a protective layer. Said protective layer is decorated with a slick honeycomb effect. In total, there are six speakers inside the speaker (get the drift?).

On one side, there is a microUSB port and a 3.5-millimeter jack, and there are already appropriate cables included with the package. On the other side, there is the power button and the Bluetooth connect button. When you hold the power button for a few seconds, it will prompt an audible queue. When you hear the sound, it means that the speaker is turned on and ready for use. If the speaker is low on battery, there will be a vocal prompt that will be heard.

Aside from the stunning looks, this Bluetooth speaker also has what it takes to provide quality music. It is a stunning performer, even when it is just taken out of the box. It is meant to impress all sorts of music lovers and does not fail to do so. Furthermore, setup and connecting to the speaker is as simple as it can be. Just tap and hold the Bluetooth button located on the device’s side then search for it on your device. There will be a helpful voice prompt that will state when the process has been done smoothly.

The customizable design, amazing battery life, awesome sound, portability, and remarkable value all make the Fugoo a must buy for the avid music listener.


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