The NOW TV Box Review – A Tiny Device Without the Need to Break the Bank

Given the stiff competition within the media streaming box business sector, how can the NOW TV Box fare? This time around, the NOW TV media box has had an update. This time, it is given a facelift (albeit a little), and some new hardware specs to boost performance. It also has improved connectivity.


The NOW TV Box is a Great Entry-Level Media Streaming Device

The NOW TV Box practically offers a “no strings attached” access to Sky content, all for a very reasonable price. It can also be acquired in a fairly simple way as well. This media streaming box offers simplicity with cost-effective pricing. While this may sound good for many, this trait could also mean the other way around.

Yes, the NOW TV streaming device is pretty cheap as compared to other similar devices in the market, but therein lies the flaw – you can’t really expect much from it. Purchasing it will make your Television set a little bit smarter, and that’s about it.The NOW TV Box Review - A Tiny Device Without the Need to Break the Bank

The operating system found in the device is even locked down. This is to avoid giving too much access to Sky’s content-providing competitors. Hence, viewers will not be seeing any Netflix-related content inside this box. Even with the existence of the USB and microSD slots (located on the side and the rear respectively), there isn’t much used for them considering the limited access.

However, there are some things that are worth the mention for the NOW TV device. For one, a hard-wired ethernet connection is now possible. This enables the box to connect directly to your home network without the use of wireless connections. Many swear of the reliability of the connection when hardwiring their devices directly to their modems or routers instead of relying on wireless connectivity alone. So if you want connections with minimal lag or disconnections, then hardwiring this box straight to your modem or router (or modem/router) should do you well.

There are also improved elements for the specs of this media streaming device. These enable you to stream purchased content of up to 1080p. That’s a great addition to what the older device could handle (as it was only able to handle 720p video). Still, there are other similar devices on the market that have a bit higher price but can deliver higher quality videos.

The NOW TV Box offers a great and cost-efficient way to let people who are still new to the whole online streaming idea for their television enjoy the experience without having to put a large hole in their wallets. But as far as performances go, everything is mediocre and those who are already attuned to the experience may want to look somewhere else.


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