Flail Rider Review – When Physics Game Meets Driving

Flail Rider is a game that seems like a demolisher gone ballistic. Its aggressive icon featuring a blocky 3D car and looming spiky ball really captures an interest. This is no ordinary game; it is a physics game with driving.

Flail Rider Review - When Physics Game Meets Driving

There is More Science in Flail Rider Than Most

In Flail Rider, the player’s task is to maneuver a small speeding car through modular 3D environments such as winterscape, tropical land, and temperate zone while dragging aridiculously large spiked ball behind. The player will need to avoid his car crashing into buildings, and the ball will swing and destroys everything in its way. There are three sizes of cars that the player can drive, each have their own sized flail attached. Smaller cars have tiny flails but are far easier to handle than the large cars with their hulking balls of doom dragging them down.

The science in Flail Rider is that the player’s trailing flail is bound by and responds to the centrifugal and centripetal force which is the result of the player’s car motions. The strategy has to account for how the player directs the car and the inertia of the flail. Its simple physics that makes for surprisingly convincing gameplay.

The controls of the game are easy to learn, but its challenge still remains even after learning and getting used to them. The player can get the satisfaction of enormous destruction without feeling the guilt of collateral damage. One of the things that make the game harder at times is the camera placement, as it is sometimes not sure if the obstacles are cleared or the targets are hit.

Even though the game is a high score chaser, it is not addictive in the guilty, tacky, and meaningless way. It has a genuine replay value and the gameplay is so enjoyable. There are times when the player might be bothered by the countdown timer if he survives long enough. Having an endless version where the player can just go around and swinging the flail for as long as possible is also a good idea.

There were a few details that could improve for Flail Rider, even though it already is a solid game. There are 50 cars to unlock, and the game can be played in either portrait or landscape mode, but the player still needs both thumbs to maneuver the car; it would be nifty to have an option for one handed-play.


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