Doomsday Clicker Review – It Awaits

Insidiously ridiculous plot, this is how others would describe the opening of Doomsday Clicker. The player will play as some sort of an “evil-genius” that has planned a suitably evil scheme to make huge amounts of money: ring about Armageddon and charge the human survivors a metaphorical arm and leg to live in the underground bunkers.

Doomsday Clicker Review - It Awaits

Doomsday Clicker Sets it Apart From the Rest With its Post-Apocalyptic Theme

With that aside, Doomsday Clicker is the kind of game that serves no real purpose, but surprisingly, it can also be difficult to leave it. The player will start off by building a workshop, which will attract the survivors and then they will begin making a little cash. The cash generated can be used to upgrade the workshop or build a power generator to attract more humans and earn more money. More money means more upgrades or new additional facilities to attract more humans and generate more money. This cycle is entirely pointless, but it is also a tough cycle to break.

The main thing that sets the game apart from others with the same genre is the whole “end of the world” thing. Doomsday Clicker’s illustrations are colorful and cartoony, but it also has this doom and gloom aura with mutant rodents and bugs wandering around on the surface. The player can pop those mutant rodents and bugs to earn more money, or even a little of premium currency. Technically, it is mostly still just about spending money to generate more money.

Thankfully, it is not that easy as there is a bit more to it. Popping the mutant monsters on the surface is a little bit more engaging than simply waiting to save up some money to upgrade or buy other facilities. There is also a button that lets the player switch between buying room upgrades one at a time, 10, or even 50 at a time, but the prices are adjusted to match. It may be a small thing for others, but it is much appreciated by some who does not want to keep on tapping the Upgrade button for a room a lot of times.

Doomsday Clicker is a good game, especially if the player is looking for a game with the never-ending grind for more and more cash. This game is certainly worth checking out. Re-destroying the entire world is a bit of fun, people say to “don’t push the big red button” but in this game, you can press it again and again and destroy the entire world. But in doing so, it will reset the player’s bunker progress back to zero, and he will have to build and upgrade all over again. Every time the player destroys the world, all the humans in the bunker will turn into mutants that stays around and each mutant gives the player a 5% bonus to productivity.


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