Hammer Bomb Review – Daring You to Nail it

Hammer Bomb is a sort of like a strange amalgamation of a rogue-like and first-person pacman. The main plot of the game has not change that much since its previous release, but it does not really matter because it did not really need to change.

Hammer Bomb Review - Daring You to Nail it

Similarities Between Hammer Bomb and Pac-Man are Evident

In Hammer Bomb, the player’s character will start walking forward as early as he taps the screen, and using the swiping system to determine things like turning directions and jumping. The character will only stop when it runs into a wall or when throwing a bomb; otherwise it just continue moving as the player have the way through the many randomly-made dungeons.

Each dungeon is like a small maze, with the random dead-ends and a couple of surprises hidden behind the destructible walls. As the character wanders around, he automatically fills out a map of the floor the character is on, find treasure chests, magic crystals, and even enemies. The chest often contains stuff like money which is used to buy permanent character upgrades, keys that are used for opening cell doors and releasing captured warriors, weapons that can be used for defeating monsters or even blowing the walls, and quests. Magic crystals are needed for earning larger experience boosts which is needed for leveling up faster.

You can easily get hooked with Hammer Bomb, and it can be an ideal pick-up-and-play game sessions. The money that the player earned can still be kept and use or save it up to buy more upgrades, which is definitely recommended. Having the ability to see enemies on the mini-map or carry two different weapons can make a huge difference in the game.

The enemies that patrol the mazes and the coins that are lined on the floor is so much like Pac-Man. They are almost all functionally the same; they wander back and forth and give damage when the character bumps unto them, but it is noticeable that some are faster than the others. What they lack in gameplay, they make it up for visuals. As the player continues to play, he will see mummies, bats, giant wasps, giant floating eyeballs, and a gremlin looking monster.

The environments are pretty diverse; it has soggy catacombs, ancient libraries, outdoor gardens, and so on. It is a very good looking game as it uses its Volex graphical style to its fullest. The only downside of the game is the random level generation does not quite manage to dodge the pitfalls of randomness. It works well for the most part, but sometimes the player might end up with a cluster of enemies in an area that can’t be avoided or reach a floor with multiple cell doors and zero keys.

Hammer Bomb is pretty fun. It is simple, but at the same time, it also has some distinction in it, and it feels like there is something better in the next level. PAC-MAN would never survive a maze quite like this.


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