Fidue A65 Review – Surprisingly Affordable With a Decent Sound

If you’re in the market for a reasonably-priced pair of in-ear headphones, then you might want to check out the Fidue A65. They have an Android/iOS hands-free remote, and metal bodies that give the impression that they cost a whole lot more when they actually don’t. As for sound, they offer more in terms of clarity and better bass control, but it’s not wide and smooth like a Sennheiser can offer. But then again, you won’t argue much with its price tag.

Fidue A65 Review - Surprisingly Affordable With a Decent Sound

The Fidue A65 are Decently Sounding In-Ear Headphones That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Looking at the Fidue A65, the pair is part of the more striking earphones found within its price class. For its design, they even catch more attention than other in-ear pairs such as the Sennheiser CX5.00. The A65 has metal bodies that look more like copper, but it can turn some heads.

Metal on a pair of reasonably-priced earphones? Quite unusual, right? After all, if you take a look at other earphones within this price class and you will find it dominated by plastic. The caps are even made of a more silvery metal, and most of the entire unit is made of a zinc-aluminum alloy. The copper bits are bold and shiny, but it may be a bit too out there for some. However, this may not be the main concern here in terms of design. Fidue is clearly making this pair to be non-generic as possible.

Even the cable has a hint of copper on it. It looks like a copper-colored sheath found inside a translucent rubber with a smoky finish. Ultimately, this adds to the premium look and feel for the device.

Common to earphones at its price class, it has a non-removable cable. Therefore, if you’re expecting a wireless pair within this price class, then you’d best keep your hopes up because that may not be a definite reality any time soon. And if it were, you won’t be getting a decent build quality nor a good audio profile from them.

Speaking of sound performance, the Fidue A65 In-Ear Headphones uses 8-millimeter titanium drivers. These are not the largest drivers you can find, but those with smaller drivers are known to bring out clearer sounds rather than booming bass. Sound balance is decent enough, but not award winning. There is still a good bass kick, but once again these are not your bass-heavy earphones.

Overall, the Fidue A65 makes itself known by bringing more to a price class known to deliver subpar build quality and poor audio performance. It breaks the norm by providing a more premium look, excellent build (for its price), and a decent sound signature.


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