Final Fantasy XV – Main Story Could Take Around 50-Hours to Complete

If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series, and if you think that playing through the story line is already lengthy enough, then Final Fantasy XV may offer players around 50-hours of content for its main storyline alone. Hajime Tabata, the game’s director, talked about several facets about the 15th major installment to the Final Fantasy franchise during a recent NicoNico livestream. One of the subjects tackled was the number of hours a player would have to spend to get from the beginning of the game to reach the end. The aforementioned hours does not include taking on the side quests, to which the Final Fantasy series is also crucially known for.

Final Fantasy XV - Main Story Could Take Around 50-Hours to Complete

Final Fantasy XV Will Take Longer to Finish as Compared to Other Titles Within the Franchise

In a report made by Siliconera, the aforementioned 50-estimation to complete the main story of Final Fantasy XV is actually a step-up from the developer’s original estimate. Many titles encircling the Final Fantasy franchise would have a player complete the main plot for approximately 40-hours (once again, this does not include side quests) and this estimation was also perceived for the 15th installment. Aside from the estimated length for the main scenario, the game director that an airship will also be included within the game, which again is a mainstay for many Final Fantasy titles.

For the die-hard Final Fantasy fan, Tabata also revealed that there are returning creatures in FF XV that are known throughout the series. Previous trailers have already revealed the existence of the very familiar chicken/ostrich-like creature, the Chocobo, to be wandering around the realm where Noctis and his band of heroes are. Now, it has been recently revealed that there will also be Cactuars that will shop up in the upcoming game.

It has also been revealed that there will be a PlayStation 4 bundle that will be made available, but it is not yet official and details about it are still very limited. The director also revealed that Square Enix has some surprises in store for their loyal fans in the upcoming March 30 event. Tabata stated that there will even be a playable tech demo in said event, along with many other surprises.

As to what the surprises concerning Final Fantasy XV will be revealed in the upcoming event, well, they are surprises but it doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Earlier reports have stated that the game’s release will be on September 30, and perhaps we might get a confirmation from Square Enix from the upcoming event.


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